dec 7 | osume x maisy zen keycaps and keyboard shelves!

posted on 11.30.23

hi everyone! here's the details for our highly anticipated collaboration with maisyleigh and keyboard shelf restock! this sale will introduce our first ever marshmallow profile release! 

our marshmallow keycaps utilize our original take on a uniform profile that features a round and soft shape. our commitment to quality includes sourcing high-quality pure pbt plastic that is shine proof and grime resistant.

Dec 7, 2023 at 10PM ET

please keep in mind that this sale is anticipated to be extremely high volume and fulfillment delays may occur. during high volume periods, we will not be responsible for orders arriving within a specific timeframe, so please be cautious when placing orders that are time sensitive.

sticker & pin promotion

during this sale, all orders over $200 can add a sticker & pin bundle of choice to their cart for free. 

our all new marshmallow profile

it's amazing reflecting on the past two years since we embarked on our journey of delivering our first set of keycap orders. right from the start, our mission has been to craft not just visually stunning keycaps but ones that are top-notch in quality, accessible to all, and reasonably priced. as we continue to grow as a brand and diversify our product offerings, keycaps will always be at the heart of what we do.

the profile

our marshmallow profiled keycaps mark the next big milestone for osume. over the past year, we've dedicated our time to fine-tuning and adjusting molds, and we're so excited to share the outcome of our first uniform keycap profile. our marshmallow keycaps are manufactured to the same standards as our cherry profiled keycaps. they boast a 1.6mm thickness, are made from pure pbt plastic, and maintain a smooth keycap surface. we chose to develop a uniform profile as it brings unique advantages, including better ergonomics at lower typing angles, a more consistent sound across different rows and easier changeability. our legends will maintain the same font choice and size you love and expect from us as we believe the font aligns with the goals and aesthetics of our marshmallow keycaps. we've decided to give modifier keys a fresh look with icon-style designs for a simpler and unique appearance.

during development, we opted to make our marshmallow keycaps a bit taller at 9.4mm compared to other popular uniform profiles like xda, kam, and dsa. this added height offers a more natural transition for those accustomed to cherry profile and made typing more engaging and energetic as the keycaps sits closer to your fingers. as for the shape, we've decided on a slightly rounded appearance while also focusing on offering more surface area than some uniform profile counterparts for a more comfortable typing experience. a plus that the round and bubbly appearance makes it literally resemble a marshmallow!

the zen keycaps are only the first of many! keep an eye out for the marshmallow keycaps in our dalgona and matcha colorways, which we hope to launch by the end of this year. we can't wait to share these exciting additions with you. 

featured items

zen, in collaboration with maisy leigh

collaboration details:

important: the zen collection will feature two releases, with the first release (this current release) being a more limited release. beyond the two releases, we have no current plans to rerun this collaboration. however this may change in the future. 

zen marshmallow keycaps
• base kit - $90
• base kit with novelty - $105
• standalone novelties - $20

zen cable [new!] - $80 (backorder)

year of the rabbit (limited edition)

year of the rabbit cable [new!] - $75

keyboard shelf

important: we mentioned previously that the price of the keyboard shelves may be subject to a price increase in future releases. however, due to the high demand of the product, many were not able to grab one in time during the last release. because of this, our team has collectively decided to freeze the price at $38/$48 for this release. you can expect price increases in the future runs.

please note that the keyboard shelves will be limited to 2 per order. if you wish to order more than 2, please create a separate order.

keyboard shelf

• 2-tier white shelf - $38
• 2-tier black shelf - $38

• 3-tier white shelf - $48
• 3-tier black shelf - $48

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